Friday, May 27, 2016

A Full Month = A Full Heart

    May has almost come and gone! The weeks are flying by so quickly.  A number of things have happened this month.  At the beginning of the month we had a few kids over from the community we are working with, Pueblo Modelo, for a tea party and a cool down in the little pool. They are such sweet kids and are a blessing to us! They adore Hadassah and in return Hadassah coos and smiles. I feel like they have already accepted her as one of their own. They know she is a Guatemalan citizen now and I really do think it brings a connection that Caleb and I may never fully be able to take part in. It's pretty neat. 

    It looks like we have become the church bookmobile as well! Caleb's sister, Elisabeth sent down a bunch of Spanish kids books and the children are eating them up. We're finding that reading just for fun isn't very common here. Libraries are scarce and the schools don't even have them. We have begun to lend these books to the kids in the church and they are doing very well with taking care of them and returning them. They're constantly running up to our van when we pull up to see if they can borrow another. It's a lot of fun :) 
The Lord placed someone very special in our lives a few weeks ago. Her name is Reyna and she is sixteen years old. Caleb met her in the regional hospital when he went with a group from church to visit and pray with patients. Reyna was severely malnourished, unable to walk and looked no older than ten years old. Caleb knew she was why he was there that day. We found out that she is a Christian, but it looks like she hasn't had any discipleship. She doesn't even know the basic Bible stories, so Caleb has been reading to her. Since then, she has been moved to a clinic which specialises in malnourishment. She is doing much better now and can use a walker to walk sometimes, but still needs prayer. We think her situation at home is not good and she will soon be sent back there when she is well enough. She really needs God's intervention. We're continually praying about how we can help her. 
Bringing Hadassah to see her has proved to be a really good way to bring a smile to her face. It blesses my heart to already see my daughter reaching others even though she doesn't realise that is what she is doing. Just proof that we are never too young or too old to be used by the Lord. He has a plan and a purpose for each of our lives. It is good to be reminded of that in a time when Caleb and I are whole-heartedly seeking Him for guidance as we try to understand what His will is for us here. We are involved with several things, but our hearts are also sensing something in the air and we really have no idea of what that is. But in the meantime, Christ is teaching us what it means to truly love others and each other. In just a short year the enemy has attacked us greatly at times and to be honest, I am weary. Sometimes it is hard to find the mental, emotional, and spiritual strength to seek God and reach out to others. We would appreciate your prayers. Please pray that we will keep Christ first and that we will stay faithful to His call no matter where we are at physically and emotionally. And for wisdom to know the best way to be refreshed so that we can continue to pour out. Our only desire is to see Christ glorified. Truly. 
We love the Guatemalan people greatly and unless God tells to go elsewhere, we are committed to serving here.  

Our precious little Hadassah Joy is doing VERY well. She went with us the other day to a shoe distribution with Soles for Souls and wow did she have a crowd!                                       I rejoiced in being able to celebrate my very first Mother's Day as a mommy a few weeks ago. So often I look at my daughter with disbelief that she is mine. And her daddy, oh my. He is SO good with her. I am a very proud wife. Caleb's love for the both of us is extremely evident... I love that man. If only he could see my heart when I look at him. We have not had the easiest year of marriage, but we both are quick to say that we have seen the faithfulness of our God and He is good. True love may be tested greatly, but I believe it also overcomes greatly. I am very excited for the Lord to continue to work in us so that we may become the couple He has called and created us to be and to be an example to our daughter of what a godly, wonderful marriage looks like. It may take more work than we realised at times, but it is WORTH IT. It is a great joy to be raising a child together as we celebrate her early accomplishments. 
Speaking of which, Hadassah can now touch her feet and has reached past the 10lb. mark! She also loves to talk to Caleb. I'm convinced already that she will be a daddy's girl. I hope so, for there isn't anything in this world like being close to your dad. 

She truly has a fan club wherever we go. We're pretty convinced that people just want to see her now not us ;) But who could blame them?! I mean, look at this cutie pie:

God's blessings be upon you dear friends. He alone is enough.

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