Friday, April 22, 2016

And here we go!

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. 

Is that how you're supposed to start? I've never quite figured out how to introduce a blog...and I think this may be my fourth or fifth. 
THIS blog is simply a spot to record my little family's adventures, big or small as we journey with God in Guatemala. I'm really bad about writing things down in a book, but I don't want our lives to go uncaptured, whether in picture or word, so, here I am and I'm inviting you to join us!  
I hope this blog will be an encouragement and/or something to enjoy during a little down time for you, whether you be family, friend or curious bystander (Just don't be a creepy person, okay? ;). 



  1. Yay! I do love your blogs and have missed them muchly.

  2. I'm excited to follow along! :) love you Megan!